Project manager and team coordinator in user experience and usability web projects. On the way of Scrum Master Certification.

Researcher and consultant in digital estrategies.

I’ve participated in more than 30 digital projects, such as, corporate websites, eCommerce, home banking, APPs, insurance and telco customer service platforms, web catalogs, simulators and interactive tools.

Director, researcher, consultant, designer and moderator using user experience and usability methods like remote and standard user testing, focus group, benchmarking, heuristic evaluation, a/b testing, interviews, surveys and co-working and workshops.

Information architecture and interaction design, producing AI maps and flows, wireframes and inventory maps. Plus, supervisor in the coming steps like user interface and front-end design.

Dinámica co-diseño con cliente, prototipado rápido y detección de necesidades. eCommerce webmobile Lider (2015)
Coworking workshop, agile prototyping and need detection. eCommerce webmobile project, Lider (part of Wallmart). (2015)
Benchmarking, AI maps and information architecture, BancoEstado’s main corporate website. (2015)
Sistema de reserva de horas Integramedica (2015)
Time reservation webmobile platform. Integramedica (Clinic). (2015)
Wireframing and interaction design. Integramedica (Clinic). (2015)
Information architecture and interaction design, responsive web system for BancoEstado’s (biggest chilean national bank) main products website. (2015)